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Precision Rimfire 22 Challenge april 14, 2019


2019 Challenge Summary Results (coming in July)

It was a muddy and gusty but otherwise nice day last Sunday. We didn't get a drop of rain the entire day. 22 shooters completed the match, and yes, it was a very challenging match this time. Partly the small targets but mostly the wind. There was some very good shooting in spite of the wind, and I think everyone had a good time. One note about the scores - there were a couple of hostage hits that were added to other stages since PS does not appear to allow a negative total score for a stage.

Our Varmint division winner was Gary Stevenson with a 79/100, and in Tactical Rob Ormond was on top with a 74, both winning with a pretty good margin. Congrats to both of you.

The 2 Vortex half-price certificates were won by Paul Rogers and Rob Ormond, and we gave away a few more hats too. If you ever get a chance to speak to Vortex on the phone or social media or at a show or something, please thank them for sponsoring the match series this year.

We started about 10 minutes late and held that for all four squads, so we definitely picked up the pace this time, which is good. I think we can do even better next time.

As usual, there were a couple of new targets/stages to keep things interesting.

Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot.

THANK YOU to everyone that helped with setup and teardown. None of the matches would be possible for me to do alone, and especially not this one.

Course of Fire

Varmint division shoots all stages from the bench. [Tactical division positions in brackets].

  1. Cold bore shot on paper @125 yards [prone, start standing, mag in hand, rifle on groundon bipod or bag]
  2. Sighter plate, not scored @150 [bench]
  3. Tiny plate rack @50 [2nd barrier step and stool]
  4. * 3 Tall targets - Pink Flags @80,150,120 [lower rectangle hole in barrier]
  5. * Alternate duelling tree and long range silhouette  @100,150 [standing, support rifle on monopod. monopod only may touch bench]
  6. * 2 Tall targets - Yellow Flags @110,60 [seated on the ground, can use upright bench]
  7. * Know your limit – stop when you want, miss gets 0 for stage. @50 [high prone over office box]
  8. * Appleseed swinging targets (4 shots your choice, points vary) @65 [sit on stool, rifle on rope between posts]
  9. Playing card, interior non-touching hits count @70 [bench]
  10. Hostage shot – single shot, on the fire command, don’t hit the no-shoot partially blocking the target @75 [from benchtop, standing]

* These stages are shot one shooter at a time, the others are all at the same time.

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