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Precision Rimfire 22 Challenge October 13, 2019

Except for a little rain during reset, it was a great day compared to the last many months of heat. We had some EXCELLENT shooting and scores today. Brian Edwards killed it in Varmint today with a 91/100 - the best score of the season for a challenge match. Gary Stevenson was close behind with an 86. Several other shooters shot their best score of the season. In Tactical, Rob Ormond also set the high mark for the season with an 86, which was fantastic considering he shot from strange positions designed to make it harder.

I tried last time's new distance find your limit stage with 3" plates this time - 1 plate every 10 yards from 50 to 160, and the top was 9 hits, out to 130, by a couple of shooters, as well as some right under that. That worked much better this time.

We had a new set of 3 targets this time thanks to Steve Farrel. 6" plates with 1/2" holes in them, with a small plate behind the hole that flipped up an orange flasher when hit. We had a couple of people get all 3 (at 50,65, and 80 yards) in 3 shots, no easy feat for rifle or shooter. Thanks Steve!

The 2 Vortex half-price certificates were won by Jeff Burns and Ron Bakis, and we gave away a few more hats too. If you ever get a chance to speak to Vortex on the phone or social media or at a show or something, please thank them for sponsoring the match series this year.

Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot and most of all THANK YOU to everyone that helped with setup and teardown. None of the matches would be possible for me to do alone, and especially not this one.

Course of Fire

Varmint division shoots all stages from the bench. [Tactical division positions in brackets].

  1. Standard cold bore paper target @125 (0-20 bullseye points/2 rounded up) 2 rounds/20 seconds [ Nothing touching the ground forward of trigger except utility ball  ]
  2. Sighters @150  n/60 [bench]
  3. Far KD rack 150 yard targets+an extra large one@135 (2 each) 6/60 [standing with saddle on tripod]
  4. * Alternate dueling tree @100 and 12" silhouette @150. Must hit to continue (3 each tree hit, 0 for silhouette hits) 7/60 [rifle through middle opening of upright bar stool]
  5. * Tall swingers: left 3” @120 center 1” @50, right 2” @85 – (4 pts first shot hit each, then 2, then 1)  5/60 [weak side bench]
  6. * KYDL 3" plates @50,60,…,150,160 – (shoot til miss, 1 each, +1 to hit them all) 12/10 sec each shot [support on lowest barrier step]
  7. * 5 poppers (4 w/noshoots, 1 dino) @65 – (2 ea, -3 for no-shoots) 6/60 [Only feet and exercise ball touching ground]
  8. * 1/2" hole flashers @50,65,80 (3 each, +1 bonus for each remaining round) 7/60 [prone on bag (no bipod)]
  9. Playing card @125 – hits count (2 each) 5/60 [Mid rectangle hole in barrier, must hold tennis ball in weak hand ]
  10. Hostage shot, on fire! @65 (10 for target, -5 for hostage)1/1 [5 sided barrier hole ]

    * These stages are shot one shooter at a time, the others are all at the same time.

    Match pictures coming soon!

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